Making beautiful things is one thing. Making them really well is another. For us, a thing isn't beautiful unless it's also made right. And this means choosing the absolute best quality - in both materials and workmanship.

We scour the world for the best sources for fabrics, yarns and trim details like buttons, leather trim, metal bits, and buckles. And we continue to work closely with our partners, refreshing the color palette, and tweaking the fit, fiber, shape and feel of each piece until we’re satisfied – even if it’s been in our collection for years.

Hat, scarf, mitten or belt – every thing we make reflects the devotion to detail that makes us Pistil. It’s what sets us apart, and it’s what delights our customers. Maybe only you will know that the lining of your charcoal gray Pistil hat is a bright, satiny pop-orange floral print – because others can’t see it until you take it off. And maybe only we know that a certain belt buckle took us 10 years to perfect. But these are the things that give us pleasure to do, and it’s why people love their Pistil things. When someone writes to tell us about the spark of delight they experienced in a just-so, felted-flower detail on their favorite hat, it just strengthens our conviction that the details really do matter. It’s all part of making our things have that special, indescribable something.

When we refer to a piece as being knit by hand, it means a person made it, Some knitting machines can’t handle super chunky yarns, or certain kinds of yarns, so hand-knitting actually opens the door to more yarn varieties, more colors, more textures, and different fibers. And it expands our creative parameters when coming up with ideas for new hats.

After 9 years in the business of making the small but special, we are convinced that the art of making things right is the art of making things well. And we remain committed to designing simple, clean and flattering pieces, in materials that feel good and hold-up over time. Here is a little background on some of the materials we use...